CONTINENTE Y CONTENIDO operates in every stage on the design process to solve the specific needs of each client.

  1. CONCEPTS. CONCEPT CREATION AND DEVELOPMENT. A concept has to be both the source of inspiration and the key to a successful project. We design a specific concept, which will yield the best functional and aesthetic potentials of every space.
  2. ARCHITECTURAL AND INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECTS. Our studio develops full architectural and master planning services, from design stages to completion on site. At the same time, we coordinate every step of his process with the specific work of interior design.
  3. WORKS. COORDINATING, DIRECTING AND EXECUTION OF BUILDING WORDS. Depending on the specific needs of each client, we offer the possibility of executing previously designed projects. We also coordinate the construction work in progress of a particular building together wirh our interior design project.
  4. MARKETING. COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENTS FOR CONSTRUCTION COMPANES AND STATE AGENCES. SUPPORTING MARKETING. We develop virtual portfolios to help our clients commercialize their projects before they are built. PLAY VIDEO.
  5. PROJECT ON HAND. PRACTICAL COMPLETION OF CONSTRUCTION AND DECORACION WORK. We deal with every step or the process, from the outline proposal to the practical completion. CONTINENTE Y CONTENIDO is a team of great professionals and craftsmen. They embrace all the trades of the practice and their diveristy is crucial to the ongoing broadening of our design vision.
  6. EVENTS. PRIVATE GATHERINGS AND PUBLIC EVENTS. We design stages for social and entrepreneurial gathrings. For his kind of work imagination and originality are our best allies to turn ephemeral materials into beautiful scenery.