Aurora Gamez

Aurora GámezAurora Gámez is an interior designer with a spacial talent for creating ambiences, which are both memorable and operational. She knows that there is always a particular concept, which allows for máximum functionality and beauty. We only need to listen carefully because every space has the ability to speak to us.

Aurora is involved in a constant process of renovation and growth and likes to think of her self as an expert mixer. She selects every ingredient. Blends them carefully and serves the final result in a rather wxqisite manner. She knows it’s essential to adjust to every client’s specific needs and she thrives to feel that she has designed the perfect space for his or her entrepreneurial, social and cultural endeavors.

Aurora feels enthralled when she has the chance to come into a particular space where the atmosphere is relaxing, beautiful and balanced. For her, inspiration comes from maby sources: a painting, a film, a melody, a tree, a sentence, an insect, a bird, an aroma, a bad day or a good one.

Her vocation began during her childhood. She remembers when she was 8 years old and her parents bought the furniture for her first bedroom. She was so disappointed that she decided to purchase color papers and glue. Once her family went to sleep, she spent the whole night redecorating the room. The next morning, her mother nearly suffered a heart attack but Aurora was so happy that today she can’t even remember whether she was punished.